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Bio: Daron Powers

Fortune 500 Education


My formal education is in marketing. I received a BBA from Eastern Michigan University. However, the real world experience has come from engagement into a variety of fascinating and challenging projects.

Since 1980 projects include Fortune 500 companies such as Ford, GM, ADP, Chrysler, Pulte Homes, Navistar, H&R Block, Toyota, plus scores of mid-sized and small businesses, and one-on-one coaching with professionals.

Speaking & Coaching

I developed and honed my speaking and business coaching skills from a decade of experience in a world-class training organization.

I learned to market, sell, and manage salespeople from the products I was promoting. During this formative decade I established myself as one of the top producers in the Dale Carnegie Organization located in Southeast Michigan.

I worked with tens of thousands of individuals and businesses. My proficiency in marketing, sales and leadership prepared me to tackle projects for the clients listed throughout this website.


What rounds me out as a writer, presenter and business coach are my hobbies... well more like passions.

My background as a musical composer and stage performer along with a brown and black belt in two different martial arts, infuse each business project with unique insight and an unusually high degree of creative “out-of-the-box” problem solving.

Now apply all of this experience to your marketing and selling projects and you get fresh, innovative and actionable results.

At Home

For pure creativity I play guitar, piano, drums, compose, record and perform live music in the Detroit area. Our home is in West Bloomfield, Michigan surrounded by nature preserves, deer, geese and coyotes.

I am married to a redheaded Social Worker with a heart of gold. We have three brilliantly talented daughters and a Tabby cat. Could I describe my family any other way?

Service Roles

I am proud to say that I am a Veteran of the United States Air Force. I served in the Strategic Command’s, Civil Engineering Squadron as a electrical powerline specialist, lighting technician, runway surveyor and cost estimator.

Business Marketing - Client Feedback

Client Profile:

Matthew Cipriano, Founder

IWR, Independent Window Repair

Headquartered in Chesterfield, Michigan

Project Objectives:

17% Sales Increase

In the first year we updated IWR’s marketing strategy including new sales letters and refined print, radio and TV ads.

The second season we worked with Matt’s sales consultants to improve their process and build relevant tactical selling tools including the use of video. The sales consultant’s performance improved measurably. Last years sales up 17%.

Client Profile:

Dr. Mark Frizzo

Susan Ferrara, Staff

Farmington Hills, Michigan

Project Objectives:

This dentist has a thriving business and a loyal client base. However, he doesn’t have a web presence.

Our first project was to bring his staff to the table and figure out who is his targeted audience. Next, we explored his practice for what differentiates Dr. Frizzo and his staff from other dentists.

We developed three key master letters for his three key targets. These letters are a snapshot of his brand and position his practice as the go to authorities in his type of dentistry.

With branding and rich content in place we are now in the process of developing his web presence. All his marketing will have a unified, crisp and compelling message that highlights his expertise and builds credibility before prospects visit his practice.

Client Profile:

Greg Adair, Founder

Austin Adair, Chief Financial Officer

Affordable HomeCare

Livonia, Michigan

Project Objectives:

With 20 years in the business it was time to update their marketing approach. We completed the marketing discovery process, compiled headlines and wrote three sales letters to specific markets.

Next we developed five special reports to position the companies as “experts” in their industry and then updated their collateral materials to reflect a more concise, crisp and compelling message.

A new internal marketer was hired to implement the strategy resulting in more business. We are currently rebuilding the companies website from ground zero based upon the new marketing approach.

Brought Out the Essence of Our Practice

“Unlike the typical brochures that makes doctors sound like every other practice, we were pleasantly surprised by the new perspective and insights you brought us. 

The report you developed brought out the essence of what makes our orthodontic practice actually stand out among our competitors.”

Dr. Hersh,

Dr. Beattie


West Bloomfield, MI


Biggest Financial Opportunity

“With over 30 years in the financial business, I felt frustrated, like I was bumping my head against a ceiling. Your coaching gave me a totally different perspective.

Moving through your objective step-by-step marketing process, I got a fresh understanding and appreciation of the nuances of my talent and expertise.

You helped me to spark up my communications and land me squarely on one of the biggest financial opportunities of my professional life.”

Robert Finnigan, CFP

Financial Network Investment Corp

West Bloomfield, Michigan


“According to my business administrator, ‘90% of people that call, now enroll.

They used to call and look around. Now they are calling committed and signing up. Haven’t
had to convince or charm them.

The new marketing and special report now up on our website is clearly helping to educate.

Business is up 20% over last year.”

Mary Geiger, President

Geiger Ballet, Bloomfield Hills


“I appreciate how your Discovery process ahead of the workshop tailored the Sales Development System to the needs of our company and market. The workshop series was entertaining and informative; it really held my attention. I liked that it was different and used newer teaching techniques.”

Loran Tripp, Sales Manager

TrippTradeMark, Tampa, Florida


Reading Is the Essence of Success

Daron Powers reads and performs music for 4th graders at a Southfield Elementary school during the Revolution Read Campaign

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Client Profile:

John Donelly, CEO, Chairman

Cold Forming Technology

Headquartered in Sterling Hgts, Michigan

Project Objectives:

Even with an MBA in Marketing, Mr. Donelly was in search of fresh new ideas to help he and his associates to tell their company’s story. Returning from a successful presentation in China, Mr. Donelly called. Coincidentally I had just finished a video shoot and stopped by with my camera. This video explains what happened.