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Sample Radio/TV/Panel Interview Questions:

  1. 1.How did you start working with businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals?

  2. 2.We hear a lot about Internet marketing. Is there a difference between “on-line” and more traditional “off-line” marketing?

  3. 3.If marketing is the engine that drives more business then why don’t more business people focus upon it?

  4. 4.What’s the difference between good and bad marketing?

  5. 5.Does everyone have the ‘marketing’ gene? Do some have it more than others? Is it a learnable skill?

  6. 6.Share with us some simple tips that will get our marketing juices flowing.

  7. 7.What’s the secret sauce of marketing and sales success?

  8. 8.Can anyone become a professional marketer, salesperson, or are there some special requirements?

  9. 9.What if you’re just too busy to work on your marketing? Are there other ways to get top quality marketing?

  10. 10.Why is it that we don't take action on the marketing  that we want so badly?

  11. 11.Share with us an exercise I can do right now to clear my head and get me ready to work on taking my business to the next level with effective marketing.

Sample Interview Questions

Condensed Bio

Daron Powers experience draws upon three decades of research, real world sales and marketing experience, psychology, service, motivation, sales process and systems thinking.

  1. As an award winning certified Dale Carnegie Systems Instructor in Leadership and Sales he ranked among the top producers in 63 countries, 17 different languages of the Carnegie System.

  2. Daron Powers continues to consult in many industries and has written scores of sales and marketing articles, manuals and courses including published book and audio programs on Sales and Marketing.

  3. Small, Midsized and Fortune 500 companies have adopted many of his sales and continuous improvement processes. In one case it lead the world’s largest homebuilder to dominate J.D. Power in more than 30 markets.

  4. Eastern Michigan University - BBA Marketing

A variety of industries, mastery of sales, marketing and systems thinking brings an unusually wide and informed view to developing tailored sales and marketing strategies for websites, social media, radio/TV, brochures, special reports, sales letters, and more.

Other Interests

  1. Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and Brown Belt in Japanese Aikido

  2. Performing musician, composer, recording artist and producer.

  3. Radio show talk host and voice overs for business programs

  4. Married and has 3 daughters and a tabby cat

Condensed Bio

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Speaking Topics, Publications,

Audio Programs, Seminars

  1. The Marketing Advantage - 5 Common Missing Links in Today’s Sales & Marketing (Speaking/Seminar)

  2. How to Make Social Media More Effective

  3. The 3 Biggest Most Costly Marketing Mistakes Businesses Make and How to Overcome Each One

  4. 4 Tips to Make Your Sales Tools Shine & Attract More Business in a Challenging Economy

  5. B2b / B2c ONLINE VIDEO & MARKETING – A Concise Relationship Approach to Communicate Your Expertise, Authenticity and Difference on Your Companies Website

  6. How to Keep Your Online Video Simple, Believable and Engaging to Viewers

  7. Bad Video: How to Overcome Common Mistakes That Bore Viewers and Send Them Packing to Your Competitor

  8. Marketing: How to develop an effective script that is authentic and positions your service or company as competent experts

  9. Why Fast Moving Graphics and Complex Animation are not Always Better

  10. Three Critical Things to Avoid When Hiring A Professional to Develop Your Online Video

  11. The Customer Experience (Speaking/Audio)

  12. 6 Ways to Connect with Today’s Buyers

  13. How to Make Lasting Business Boosting Impressions Through Moments of Truth

  14. 3 Strategies to Keep Top of Mind with Prospects Until They Are Ready to Buy

  15. Marketing Yourself/Your Company Through Effective Speaking (Spkg/Seminar)

  16. 5 Power Tips to Communicate More Effectively

  17. The Little Known Secret to Connecting with Your Audience

  18. How to Break the Pre-Occupation Barrier and Gain Instant Attention

  19. 9 Marketing Mistakes (Article)

  20. 401 Marketing Report (Audio/Report)

  21. Proactive in a Challenging Economy (Article)

  22. Sales in a Challenging Real Estate Market, 231 page (Book and Audio) Amazon

  23. Sales Goal Achievement Relaxation (Audio)

  24. Future Vision: One Day Seminar (Approved by the Ford Motor Co. for all employees)

  25. Advisors Program developed for H&R Block

  26. International Learning Modules: Leadership, Customer Service, Sales, etc. (Seminars/Consulting)

  27. Pulte Homes: Quality Essentials: Customer-Driven Quality, Building Quality Relationships (Seminars/Coaching)

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